​​Wren St. Claire

Wren St Claire Historical Ancient Egypt Fantasy Romance
Wren St Claire Hot Hetrosexual Steamy Wedding Planner Sexy Romance

Anticipated Release Date: 15th January 2018

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Wren St Claire Melanie Page Joe Stuart MC Dalton Tanya Kean Collaboration of Short Stories
Wren St Claire Georgian Romance Historical

The contents of this site may include the following topics and themes: Egypt and Egyptian Themes, Egyptian Gods. Exotic, Erotic, Contemporary, MMF, Trans Sexual, Gay and Lesbian, Sexy, Sexual, Sensual, Fantasy, Romance. Historical and Biblical Themes. Time Travel, Paranormal Activities. Reference the Papyrus of Turin, Lotus Houses or Egyptian Brothels, Lotus Wine, Lawyers and the Legal Profession. Action, Thrillers, Political Intrigue, Regency Romance

Wren St Claire: author Erotic, Contemporary, Regency, Georgian and Historical Romantic Fantasy ebooks on line.

New Release Time line

Slight delay

Anticipated Release Date: 
30th January 2018

Slight Delay

Anticipated Release Date: 
15th January 2018

Wren St Claire