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Engaged to the wrong brother
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Book 1 Villain's Redemption Series

A spoiled beauty and three men who want her...

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Taming the Devil
Book 2 Villain's Redemption

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Revenge on the Devil
Book 3 Villain's Redemption

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Saving Mr Rooke 
Book 3.5 Villain's Redemption

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New and Forthcoming Releases

What I'm Working on Next

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Seducing the Sea Devil
Book 4 Villain's Redemption

Coming 2023

The Elven King's Faerie Bride
Celtic Fae Arthurian Romance

Coming 2023

Lady Althea's Alien Viscount
Aliens in Regency London 1 

Coming 2023

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Lady Althea's Alien Viscount

Book 1 Aliens in Regency London

London, May 1814: Lady Althea, the overlooked and unwanted youngest daughter of the Marquess of Ruthven, lacking accomplishments or any high degree of beauty, is forced by her family to accept the reluctant proposal of the dissolute Viscount Lydford, thus dashing her secret desire for a love match. She is surprised to find on better acquaintance, that the Viscount is a great deal more interesting, sweet and attractive than she anticipated.


Zrevaq an Xalaian, Xeno-anthropologist from the planet Vangar in the binary star system of Sirius, is a Xenite, a celibate, dedicated to his work as an intergalactic spy. Accidentally marooned in Regency London, he finds himself rapidly out of his depth impersonating Viscount Lydford, particularly when the overwhelming attraction he feels towards the Viscounts human fiancé, Lady Althea, triggers the Xalaian biological imperative to form a bonded pair.


This quirky, spicy-sweet romance will appeal to readers of Regency romances who also like Alien romance. One slightly nerdy, virgin, alien hero with a lot of pent-up lust and an old fashioned and endearing respect for women. One pragmatic, dog-loving, innocent heroine, with a passion for astronomy, a romantic streak, and a yen to be appreciated. Oh, and don’t forget the two penises…

Coming 2023

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