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A love that transcends time and the planes of existence

The Exile  - Out Now!

An Epic Timetravel Fantasy Romance with Egyptian Gods and Magic

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The Exile:
Book 1 False Door Series

Released 23 August 2022

2nd Edition


10 Steamy Historical Romance Shorts

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10 Steamy Contemporary Romance Shorts

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The Devil's Mistress: a Regency Romance

Three very different men, one beautiful, flawed woman. Who will hold the key to her heart?

“So, the secret to winning your heart is to stop behaving like a gentleman, is that it?”- Stanton

“You are the devils mistress Miss Torrington! Your selfish disregard for his feelings and your own safety are appalling! You deserve to be whipped!” - Jack

“Whip me and put me on bread and water for a week, until I mind you as a good wife should.” - Viviana

“…If I’m the Devil, Miss Torrington, you’re more than fit to be my Mistress!” - Harcourt

Miss Viviana Torrington is the toast of the Ton, being possessed not only of beauty, birth and fortune, but also of a passionate, wilful nature that sets her apart from the usual insipid debutantes. 

When the highly eligible Denzil Elliot, 6th Earl of Stanton falls in love with her, she is toying with the highly ineligible, but dangerously exciting, Sir Anthony Harcourt. But despite the odds in the clubs, Viviana accepts Denzil’s proposal, captivated by his quiet charm and honest avowal of love.

But that was before she met his dashingly handsome and deliciously dominant younger brother, Captain of Dragoons, Jack Elliot. Sparks fly between Jack and Viviana that will test Jack’s honour to its limit and tear his heart from his chest. 

Finding herself engaged to the wrong brother, Viviana’s reckless nature then places her in the clutches of the desperate and dangerous Sir Anthony.


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