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Taming the Devil

Sir Anthony Harcourt is now the 7th Duke of Mowbray, but with the title comes a mountain of debt and a reckoning, as the sins of his grandfather come crashing down upon him in the form of a beautiful virago bent on revenge and obtaining what is hers.


Miss Diana Lovell is a desperate woman. She blames the late Duke of Mowbray for her father’s demise and ruining her life. She reasons that the current Duke is cut from the same cloth as his grandsire and she means to get what is hers by right, no matter the cost.


Passion explodes when these two souls collide and bitter, cynical Anthony discovers that love may be possible after all, if he can only redeem himself sufficiently to deserve it.

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Anthony at home

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"Y’all, I’m doing a beta read right now and this book is amazing. Holy crap. Just plan on staying up all night to read it when it comes out." Ginny B Moore - Author

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