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Revenge on the Devil

London underworld crime boss, Garmon Lovell, hatches a plot to exact revenge on the Duke and Duchess of Mowbray who stole his gaming hell out from under him, but his plans go awry when his men capture the wrong woman.


Genevra Tate is desperate to hang onto her late husband’s Tavern and when Garmon Lovell demands payment for her husband’s gambling debts, she offers the only currency she has, to buy a stay of execution on the debt: a night in his bed.


Garmon is a hard-hearted man, raised in the slums of St Giles, who has never allowed himself to love anyone, but seven nights with Genevra proves his undoing.  


Genevra is determined to free herself of debt and swears she will never allow a man to control her life again. But she struggles to resist the magnetic pull of Garmon Lovell and when disaster strikes, is there anywhere else to turn, but to the man who swears he will kill and die for her?

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