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Wren St Claire

Dark Passions

A slow burn dark regency romance 

By Wren St Claire

Harlyn Marrek Penwyth, 6th Earl of Tremayne, has a dark past. Widely suspected of having murdered his wife, he lives alone in his drafty Cornish castle, the last of his line, frequently subject to fits of melancholia. A man of strong and impulsive passions, Marrek spies a beautiful girl riding on his land and falls instantly under her spell. But the path of true love never does run smooth. Especially when the object of ones affections is as strong willed and practical as Miss Erylin St John.
Erylin has lived all her life as an itinerant in her father’s peripatetic train. Returning to the place of her birth, Cornwall, her father plans to leave her with her uncle and aunt to have a London season, while he takes up a much longed for opportunity to visit Egypt. While the object of this visit to England, is to perhaps attract an offer of marriage from an eligible parti, nothing in her experience has prepared Erylin for the broodingly handsome Earl of Tremayne or the disorder he stirs in her heart and the passionate longing he awakens in her body.
As if his manner were not alarming enough, his reputation is appalling and then there are the rumours about his wife’s death. No sane woman would consider a proposal of marriage from such a man, would she?

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My Inspiration for Erylin

My Inspriration for Marrek

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Why am I doing this?

I work best with an external impetus to complete tasks, and second guess myself a lot. I'd like a team I can bounce things off and work with to complete the book. 

I also would like feedback that will help me improve my writing on all projects, so any feedback you care to leave is very valuable and appreciated, even if you don't want to be part of the team.

Thank you!

Trigger warnings & notes

The story touches on suicide, miscarriage and rape as past trauma, and glimpses of past events pertaining to such appear in the text as do the feelings and emotions evoked for the protagonists.

Please also note that this is currently an unfinished work and it is a first draft, there may be logistical errors and other things that need to be fixed. This work is copyright to the author and may not be shared without permission of the author. 

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