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10 Steamy Historical Romance Shorts Reads

This collection features short reads for every taste from steamy, romantic and sweet, to gritty and darkly erotic, short story to full length novella. It is split into two parts: Georgian/Regency and Ancient Egyptian, the two historical time periods I write in (so far). 

Regency/Georgian Collection
The Duchess and the Rogue (Short novella) – erotic romp
Amaryllis, Dowager Duchess of Pembroke, is turning forty and not happy about it. When a handsome rogue breaks into her bedchamber she seizes an opportunity to discover what she has missed out on. Features characters from the Missing Heir.

A Fetish for Breeches (Short story) – erotic romp
A bonus sneak-peek into Richard and Julia's erotic bedroom games, follows immediately on from the end of The Missing Heir.

Proxy Bride (Short novella) – romantic, emotional, steamy
Catherine is forced by her abusive father to replace her twin Chloe (who has vanished), as a proxy bride to the Earl of Stratton. The problem? Stratton is unaware of the switch until the wedding night.

Unchained Bride (short story) – emotional, sweet, steamy
A miraculous pardon for convict Hell-Cat-Catriona, leads to her liberation, but what does Captain John Lindfield want with her?

Dark couple naked_edited.jpg

Things get steamy in Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egyptian Collection 
The Scorpion King (short story) – erotic, intense, romantic
Warrior Queen Hathor makes a bargain with the Scorpion King to save her people from destruction.

Teta’s Reward (extract from Sekhmet’s Daughter) – erotic romp
Feisty lotus girl Teta teaches drunk and angry Troop Commander Djef, some creative ways to blow off steam.

Paneb (short story) – gritty, emotional, steamy
Bad-boy Paneb is accused of r*pe, and for once he is innocent of the crime for which he is charged. But will the Village Council and more importantly, his wife, believe him?


Khent’s Cure (extract from Children of the Nile) – erotic, emotional
Grieving single dad Khent, just can't move on from losing his wife and second child, until he finds relief in the hands of pretty and compassionate lotus girl Percia.

Chancellor Bey’s Fetish (vignette) – erotic, dark
She is the Queen of Egypt and he is the most powerful man in Egypt, her husband’s lover. 

The Wishing Cup (Novella) – sweet, steamy, romantic
A love spell backfires with serious political consequences for Queen Nefertiti and General Horemheb. Caught in the cross fire are Nefetiti's lady in waiting, Tia and Charioteer Ramose.

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