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Eternity's Child

Steamy historical romance

Eternity's Child

Half-Nubian, lotus-house girl Maati, is an unwitting pawn in a growing battle between the worshippers of Rerek God of Chaos and Egypt’s Crown.

An unexpected tragedy thrusts Maati into the arms of sexy wine trader Rane, and neither expect the explosive passion that erupts between them. When Maati’s destiny threatens to destroy their fragile relationship, Rane must put everything on the line for her. But will it be enough?

Eternity’s Child is the first in a series about the inhabitants of a house of pleasure, the Golden Lotus. Set in the Pyramid Age of Ancient Egypt, the series follows the fortunes of Maati and her housemates as each finds love in unexpected ways while an epic battle for control of Egypt is fought in the shadows of the temples and the corridors of the palace.


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