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Seducing the Sea Devil

Dark Steamy regency Pirates Romance

Seducing the Sea Devil

When Connor Mor leaves Garmon’s office that fateful Monday in June he walks into an ambush set by a bunch of desperate female pirates, bent on pressing men for their crew. When he wakes up on the Sea Devil they are already in the North Atlantic Ocean and there is no way he is getting back to London in a hurry.

Meeting the Sea Devil’s Captain, Callista Montmayne, a blonde, blue-eyed, force of nature, dressed in breeches and a battered tricorn hat, he sees an opportunity to seize control of the ship through seducing it’s gorgeous captain. He doesn’t bargain on Callista’s strength and singlemindedness.

Callista Montmayne is a woman bent on revenge and nothing and no one is going to distract her, not even a handsome Irishman who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. But that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy what he’s got to offer in her bed.

As Callista turns the tables on Connor, they negotiate shipboard politics and the dangers of the sea, to maintain her powerbase and chase down notorious slaver-captain, Raphael Jose Perez. Callista’s obsession with catching Perez is all consuming and leaves no room for love in her damaged heart. Which is a problem for Connor, because he’s fallen for the captain, hook, line and sinker.


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