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Sekhmet's Daughter

Steamy historical romance

Sekhmet's Daughter

When irascible Troop Commander Djefatsen, returns from 3 years of hell in Kush, all he wants is to see his sweet little wife Raia again. But betrayal awaits him. Injured, angry and drunk he seeks solace in the arms of elegantly beautiful and feisty lotus house girl, Teta.

Teta delights in Djef's angry passion, and wonders if she has met her match at last, but she isn't prepared to deal with the heartache that comes with letting him under her skin.

When the evil brewing in the outlawed lotus trade takes a hand and Teta vanishes, the Commander begins a desperate search to find the woman who has captured his heart.

But palace politics has one final hand to play and more heartache awaits Teta and those who love her.


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