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The Assassin's Wife

Regency Spies Romance

The Assassin's Wife

“You do realise that your parents are going to think we have eloped, don’t you?” said the Duke of Wyndam.

Lady Isabella fancies herself in love with wicked and handsome Lord John, but it is his conventional and boring older brother Robert, Duke of Wyndam she is expected to marry. But when John runs off with the beautiful wife of a French Assassin, John's past plunges them all into danger and Isabella discovers that Robert isn't so boring after all.

Robert, who lost his heart to the wrong woman five years ago, reluctantly agree's to fulfil family expectations and offer for lovely but very young Lady Isabella. Robert's misgivings are born out when he realises that Isabella has a tendre for his outrageous and unsteady younger brother.

When John's latest escapade plunges them all into scandal and danger Robert discovers there is more to Isabella than he expects...


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