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The Devil's Mistress

Steamy Regency Romance

The Devil's Mistress

Miss Viviana Torrington is the toast of the Ton, being possessed not only of beauty, birth and fortune, but also of a passionate, wilful nature that yearns for a kindred spirit.

At the end of the season, having refused a dozen offers, she accepts the proposal of the very eligible Earl of Stanton and goes with her grandmother to spend Christmas at Sevenoaks, his family seat. Here she meets his tantalisingly charming younger brother, Captain of Dragoons, Jack Elliot, just returned from the Congress of Vienna. For the first time, Viviana feels she may have found a friend, someone who understands her…

While Jack assists his brother in entertaining their guests, he finds himself drawn to Viviana, whose waywardness hints at something more, if only he can break through her defences to the true heart he suspects lurks inside. But getting to know Viviana is a seductively dangerous exercise and Jack is a man of honour, the last thing he is going to do is betray his brother…

No matter how strong the attraction…


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