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The Exile

Epic time-travel fantasy romance

The Exile

When charismatic Djet arrives in the papyrology department of the Cairo Museum, Audrey thinks all her prayers have been answered. But the big man is more than he seems.

Exiled to modern Egypt following a fight with his sister Hathor, goddess of love, Djehuty (Djet), has more problems than lack of departmental funding. He is dying by the day and if he can't get back to his own time and plane, the forces of chaos that have been unleashed will destroy everything and everyone he loves. If only he can figure out how to break Hathor's spell.

Audrey, trapped in a destructive pattern of attraction to violent men, finds enigmatic Djet hard to resist, but can she crack the shield of his frozen heart?

From Cairo to the Duat and the realm of the gods, the battle to save the world and time itself shows Djet the true value of love. But will it be enough to save the woman he has come to realise means more to him than life itself?


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