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Adam and Gretal steaming up the dancefloor in Flaming Hot Tango







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Seducing Ben (extract from It’s Impossible) – intense, erotic MM seduction
Zac has been in love with Ben from the moment they met, but Ben thinks he's straight.

Loving Ben (extract from It’s Complicated) – intense, erotic, MM romance
Zac and Ben have been in a relationship for nine months then Chrissie shows up with a surprise that changes everything.

Deandra (sneak peek from Deandra, novella) – intersex, emotional, erotic 
Intersex cabaret performer, Deandra, spots a geeky hot guy watching her show and wonders why and Grace a gorgeous young backing singer is in trouble and Deandra is forced to bring out her alter ego Dean to fix the problem.

Ben’s Baby (sneak peek at It’s Love) - emotional, erotic, MMF romance
Warning: Contains spoilers for It’s Complicated
Chrissie is pregnant with Ben's baby and Zac is away for a week, which gives Ben and Chris some time alone.

Alpha in Chains (short story) – Intense, erotic SF MF romance
2525 AD on an Alien Planet, Talon's colony hasn't had an Alpha in over three decades, Talon discovers how powerful the mating call is between an Alpha and his mate.

The Rosarian (novella – from Resist Boxed set) – emotional, steamy, romantic MF 
Lily McMahon has inherited her great aunt’s Rose Farm and contacts Rosarian Matt Calhoun for advice. Sparks fly between Matt and Lily but the breakdown of Matt's marriage has left him with some issues.

Rules are Made to be Broken (sneak peek at Second Chances) – steamy romantic, older lovers MF romance
Top corporate lawyer Frank Billings is the wrong side of sixty and facing a lonely Christmas until attractive widow Rosemary Hart calls with a job he can't refuse. One thing leads to another and chemistry forces Frank to break his own rules.

10 Steamy Contemporary Romance Short Reads

This collection of HOT contemporary romance features short reads for every taste from steamy, romantic and sweet to intensely erotic, short story to full length novellas. Note the extracts and sneak peeks are taken from longer works published and unpublished respectively.

Flaming Hot Tango (novella from Indulge boxed set) – sweet, erotic, reverse age-gap MF romance 
Adam is a 20 something student paying his way through Uni as a male stripper. His chivalrous act in saving 40 something Gretel from a lecher leads to some hot and heavy action and the possibility of more if she will only let it happen.

The Girl with the Spider-web Tattoo (short story) – sweet, steamy, MF office romance
Bold Goth-girl Shelley, is looking for a hook up at the office Christmas party and she has her eye on sexy nerd Reynold. But there is more to Shelly than Reynold realises.

Tyler's Fetish (short story, related to Indulge) – MF erotic – no HEA
Male stripper Tyler has an itch to scratch and seeks professional help to deal with it.



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