Steamy Historical Shorts


This collection features short reads for every taste from steamy romantic and sweet to gritty and darkly erotic, short story to full length novella.

Regency/Georgian Collection
• The Duchess and the Rogue (Short novella) – erotic romp
• A Fetish for Breeches (Short story) – erotic romp
• Proxy Bride (Short novella) – romantic, emotional, steamy
• Unchained Bride (short story) – emotional, sweet, steamy

Ancient Egyptian Collection
• The Scorpion King (short story) – erotic, intense, romantic.
• Teta’s Reward (extract from Sekhmet’s Daughter) – erotic romp
• Paneb (short story) – gritty, emotional, steamy
• Khent’s Cure (extract from Children of the Nile) – erotic, emotional
• Chancellor Bey’s Fetish (vignette) – erotic, dark
• The Wishing Cup (Novella) – sweet, steamy, romantic

In Development