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Revenge on the Devil

Steamy Regency Romance

Revenge on the Devil

“Hot and tender, this book will melt your heart – and your kindle!” readers comment.

Seven nights of passion. Will either of them survive with their hearts intact?

London underworld crime boss, Garmon Lovell, is a man hardened by his past and obsessed with exacting revenge on those who have wronged him. When his men mistakenly capture Genevra Tate, a determined woman desperate to hang onto her late husband's Tavern, Garmon finds himself irresistibly drawn to her strength as much as her luminous beauty.

To buy a stay of execution on her husband's gambling debt, Genevra offers the only currency she has: a night in Garmon's bed.

The sparks that fly between them could set London on fire. As the hard man falls hard, Garmon’s tender care for her threatens Genevra’s vulnerable heart. Yet when disaster strikes, is there anywhere else to turn, but to the man who swears he will kill and die for her?


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