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Saving Mr Rooke

A Sweet and Steamy Age-gap Regency Romance Novella

Saving Mr Rooke

Tropes: Age-gap, innocent but determined damsel in distress, protective cinnamon-roll hero, spicy-sweet, teach me, forced proximity, working class, an avalanche of kittens! Five flames.

When her stepfather tries to force Bethany Whittaker to marry his business partner, Beth does the bravest and most foolish thing she has ever done in her life: she runs away. Unfortunately, her grand plan to catch the stagecoach to Bath, comes a cropper at the first hurdle and she finds herself at the mercy of the worst London at night has to offer a defenceless young woman alone.

Fortunately for her, Mr Sebastian Rooke has been instructed by his employer to find and protect her. Rescuing Beth from the consequences of her own folly is a simple matter for Mr Rooke, getting the enchanting and innocent young woman out of his mind and heart is not.

This novella is a companion volume to Revenge on the Devil book 3 of the series and takes place within the timeframe of book 3.

Check the front of the book for content warning.


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